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Mega Board Expansion gameplay!  A multiplayer party game!


-DRAUGHTNAUTS™ Mega Board gameplay requires (1x) Mega Board and at least (2x) Standard Boards.

-The Mega Board game board is set up in the middle of the playing area with additional Standard Boards added to any side of the Mega Board.  Multiple Mega Boards/Standard Boards can be combined as long as they alternate -- 1 Mega Board : 1 Standard Board.

-2-4 players can play using (1x) Mega Board.  Each player will start their pieces on the first three rows of their Standard Board that are closest to the Mega Board, facing the Mega Board.  More than 4 players can play using multiple Mega Board/Standard board combinations. (1x) player per Standard Board.

**-If playing with 3 players leave one side empty

-Each player places their Crowns and Power-Ups on open spaces in the row behind their last row of pieces (farthest from the Mega Board) on their starting Standard Board.  Any player can become Crowned on any other players crowning spots.

** -If playing with 2 or more Mega Boards, each player will start their pieces on the first three rows on any Standard Board that are closest to a Mega Board, facing that Mega Board.  Players can place their Crowns and Power-Ups on any open space on their starting Standard Board that is behind their pieces’ starting positions. (1x) Crown/Power-Up per space.


-Each player takes turns moving one piece forward at a time to a space diagonally adjacent to its current position.

- Two sides of the Mega Board will have spaces that run flush with the adjacent Standard Board. These sides’ spaces will be right next to each other and not diagonally adjacent. When moving into these boards treat these open spots as if they were diagonally adjacent and move accordingly.

-If a piece crosses from a Mega Board into a Standard Board from any direction it will change its direction to face the opposite end it came from.

-UnCrowned pieces can only move forward from their starting positions, but can cross into a Standard Board if there is an open, diagonally adjacent spot to cross into, during their forward movement.  Their direction will then change to face the opposite end they came into from.


-A player can jump a piece--remove it from the board--if the opponent's piece is diagonally adjacent to the piece in movement.  The jumped piece is removed from play and the moving piece skips that spot to the next diagonally adjacent, in-line spot. The jumped piece is now considered captured.

-If a player is faced with the opportunity to jump an opponent’s piece at the beginning of their turn, they must jump that piece or chose which piece to jump if multiple opportunities are present.

-Multiple jumps can occur during one piece’s move as long as an opponent's piece is in a diagonally adjacent spot to where the moving piece lands and has an open spot to jump into.  Jumps must continue until the moving piece has no open spaces to jump to. Only Crowned pieces can perform multiple jumps in any direction.


-Whenever a piece makes it to another player’s Crowning spots it will be considered “Crowned”.  Add the Crown Power-Up to that piece. This piece can now move backward and forward on the board. Rules for jumping still apply.

-4 Crowns per Standard Board

-If you jump an opponent’s Crowned piece with an un-Crowned piece, you may take that piece’s Crown and Power-Ups.(**This rule does not apply if the jumped piece had a Shield)

**-If any un-Crowned piece makes it to the end of any board (including a Mega Board [ie.:3 player]) during their forward movement, that piece can choose a unclaimed Crown/Power-Up from any other opponent. 


-During Setup,  each player designates a Power-Up to a space the has a Crown Power-Up as well. 1x Power-Up per space.

-Each Power-Up grants an additional ability to the Crowned piece (1 time use per)

SWORD: Any Crowned piece with a SWORD can move twice

SHIELD: Any Crowned piece with a SHIELD can stay in play after being jumped.  The Opponent’s piece will still complete its move. The SHIELD Power Up is removed from play after being jumped.

CANNON: Any Crowned piece with a CANNON can jump an opponent’s adjacent piece without moving spaces.

TELEPORTER: Any Crowned piece with a TELEPORTER can move to any free space that does not have a Crown/Power Up.  The TELEPORTER Power Up is removed from play after use and the turn is over.  The TELEPORTER ability can be used in place of jumping if its piece must jump—but it can not be used as a method of jumping another piece.

-A Power-Up is removed from play if its piece completes a successful jump.

-Crowned Pieces can hold up to 2 Power-Ups but you can not have two of the same Power-Ups at the same time.


-Play will stop when any player loses all their own pieces. At that time every player counts up the pieces they have captured. The winner of the game is the player with the most captured pieces