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About LazArt Studios llc.


It all started with three printers in an office…

There is something magical about toys. Inspiration, imagination, and wonder machines that return us to a brighter time and bring some of our wildest dreams to reality! However, it has never been enough for me to just be a toy collector or appreciator. I have always wanted to create. To flush out my own ideas into the three dimensional world. Enter 3D printing!

In 2015 I purchased my first 3D printer as a kit and hand built the machine more or less as a personal science project. The build looked nice and printed fairly well but was a bit unreliable, and the hobby was still fairly expensive in both cost and time.

So it went to the back burner until 2018 when I was randomly gifted with a 3D printing pen that was still on back-order. Even without the machine in hand it immediately triggered my past curiosities and I began researching the new printers out there and a short time later found myself with a newer, full factory made printer!

I had originally designed the concept for DRAUGHTNAUTS™ in 2015 but could not accurately print them till I had this newer machine, and the machine just happened to be perfect for printing the parts needed to make these figurines! Long story short the new machine printed so well I just had to get two more to print more figurines faster! And I began thinking of variant color schemes, and helmets and weapons! And each new idea seemed totally possible and I got that amazing sense of magic I felt when I was a kid! That’s when it dawned on me to create the game. Something that everyone could enjoy and hopefully bring back that feeling to others. That return to a playful magic, with something familiar yet still new and room to explore!


~John Lazration